What do we believe about value investing?

Value is about perspective

Company value can be destroyed by poor management

 Deep value opportunities require longer horizons


Founded in 1986 as an out-growth from a family office,
the mandate to our founders was clear:

Investor capital is precious.

Know what you own, own what you know.

Never forget the first responsibility.


Erick A. E. Sönne, CFA
Co-Portfolio Manager
Senior Research Analyst

Gregg J. Powers
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Investment Officer
Lead Portfolio Manager

David A. Sissman
Co- Portfolio Manager
Managing Director of Research

Andrew L. Martin
Co-Portfolio Manager
Senior Research Analyst


Fundamental Research

Multi-Year Opportunity Horizons

Long-Term Capital Preservation and Growth

Tax Efficiency and Reduced Portfolio Turnover

Top-Tier Performance Over More than 30 Years of Managing Client Portfolios

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